Uniterra is a Canadian organization that offers unique opportunities for professionals of different backgrounds to apply and master their skills while making the world a better place

Good Robots was proud to work with Communicarium for this project.


Attract more participants to the program, with the end goal of supporting women and children in developing countries.

Despite offering amazing opportunities to work abroad, attracting qualified participants from certain professional backgrounds like marketing and communication was an ongoing challenge. Hundreds of positions in various countries remained unoccupied. Thus Uniterra needed to consider how to define and reach an audience, to increase awareness, and provide information and support when viewers become interested in working abroad.


Inspired by Others

Going overseas to work is a big decision to make. However it becomes easier when you learn that there are other people who have made this decision, calling this experience an adventure of their lifetime. Thus inspiring stories of current participants have become the core of the promotional campaign. A series of personal stories were developed by communications and marketing agency Communicarium, and Good Robots provided creative services designed to catch the eye of working professionals. Accompanying the ads are non-intrusive messages that briefly outline the core of the Uniterra’s offer while inviting the prospective applicants to check out inspiring stories of those who have gone before them.