Stega Networks is a full-service IT company that helps small and medium-sized companies across Ottawa to improve their productivity and efficiency through strategic use of technology.


Achieve GROWTH. As simple as that.

Stega Networks came to us with a clear understanding what they wanted to achieve. They just didn’t know how.


We helped Stega to develop a clear understanding of how to communicate the benefits of their offerings to target segments. Then we designed creative marketing collateral to support sales: business cards, leave behind postcards, flyers, advertisements, and a graphic wrap for the company vehicle.

New Image

During initial examination we noticed that Stega Networks didn’t have clear positioning and brand identity, which prevent them from pitching their clients successfully. Thus, we’ve updated the company’s image and messaging to make it more compelling for non-tech-savvy clients, getting rid of industry jargon and emphasizing turn-key nature of the company’s services. In addition, we’ve developed promotional materials to support the company’s updated image and to facilitate sales process.

New Lucrative Target

Why not facilitate growth by targeting a new market segment?
After exploring the market and analyzing the company’s capabilities, it was concluded that owners of dental offices would be an attractive market segment for Stega Networks. Modern dental practice relies a great deal on technology for imaging, specialized production, and patient record management. We helped Stega Networks to tailor their offerings and messaging to the needs of their new target segment.

After tailoring the company’s offering and messaging to the dentist’s needs, Stega received 20% more inquiries from dental-related businesses across Ottawa.