Paddlefit is an Ottawa-based stand up paddling (SUP) company, that offers a wide variety of SUP programs and equipment rental services for people that want to experience something new on the water.


Turn designer’s vision into code.

Paddlefit came to us with a clear idea how their future website should look like. However, the company need some help turning their ideas into a user-friendly website with an easy-to-use class booking system.


User-centric website with an intuitive class booking system.

We carefully turned the designer’s sketches into code and developed a clear class booking system, that displays only classes that match the user’s level of experience. By building the booking system around experience level, we’ve streamlined the whole process of online booking, preventing beginners from booking the class for more experienced paddlers just by mistake. To make sure that users won’t have hard time identifying themselves with a certain level, we also developed a set of custom icons that clearly communicate the difference in experience levels.