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Hazels is an upscale online smoke shop. Being runned from Tel Aviv, Israel, Hazels is selling smoking accessories and apparel for those who are in smoking culture.


Stand Out In The Competitive Market

“We are not “just another online headshop”. We are different and we want our customers to understand it right away!”, that’s what the owner of Hazels said during our first discussion.

Thus, Hazels asked us to find the way of conveying this message through store visuals and web content, while keeping its design appealing to their target audience.


Design That Speaks For Itself

After having a deep dive into the client’s needs, we came up with a design concept that expresses the upscale nature of Hazel’s offerings, while is still true to the values of those who are in smoking culture.

By combining minimalistic design with informal messaging we got online store with upscale look and feel, that is align with the customer’s idea of headshop.

Going Against The Flow

How do you make sure that your Shopify store doesn’t have the same look and feel as those of your competitors? Generally, you just find the pattern and go to the opposite direction!
Thus, while creating the design concept for Hazels, we decided to avoid bright colors and busy visual elements, typical for smoke shops, and to give preference to minimalistic design and quiet colors, keeping the customer’s focus on the product itself.

Speaking Their Language

While doing your best to stand out, there is always a risk of becoming “too different”, drifting apart from customers expectations. That’s why we make sure that Hazels is still on the same page with their potential customers.

By giving preference to informal tone and using the language of the target audience, we came up with the messaging Hazel’s customers will definitely get.

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